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New York - Chinatown

New York - Chinatown

A visual story showing one of the most unique parts of New York. A walk to the financial district brings you through what seems like a different world. Between the buildings are familiar sights, but inside the shops are ingredients and products not found elsewhere in the city. The markets carry things such as dried fish and mushrooms, herbs and spices, pork buns and handmade noodles. 

Asside from the shopping, the area is also host to plenty of restaurants, although we had a hard time finding one that wasn't overly touristy. 

San Diego - La Jolla Cove

Coastal Cliffs

Just a short 2 hour drive through white knuckle traffic sits one of my favorite Southern California cities, San Diego. Positioned near Mexico, this city features great food, a deep history, and plenty of sun. We spent the day hopping between semi-touristy attractions like the USS Midway and Old Town San Diego (the birthplace of California). Blue skies and golden light make any summer trip to San Diego magical, and sea lion sightings at La Jolla Cove is something everyone needs to experience.