San Fransisco - Lands End National Park

Ice plants dot the coastline
Foggy coastal views never get old

The Lookout

A rocky and extremely windswept shoreline welcomes visitors to ocean views featuring cypress and wildflowers dotting the coast.  

Over the past year, I've visited San Fransisco numerous times and seen some of the most popular sights in the US. However, this particular trip was special. It was 24 hours with one of my best friends in her home city, seeing the sights from a new perspective. 

Arriving at midnight on a Friday and heading straight to bed after downing a mission burrito, Saturday started early with breakfast and a trip to twin peaks to watch the sunrise. After a morning spent wandering through the city and traffic, we spent a few hours at Fort Funston (a dog park on the beach!). There's no replacement for seeing happy puppies run and play non stop with the wind in their hair and the sand between their toes. 

Finally, we took a risk and drove through the hills along the coast to Lands End, a scenic overlook in the historic site of Fort Miley and the Sutro Baths. Ocean views are breathtaking, and the rocky coastal waters offered a stark contrast to the cypress trees lining the winding roads. With the history and views, Lands End shows a different, almost eerie side of San Fransisco and the California coast. 

The Sutro Baths date back to 1896 and sit in ruins on Lands End
The elevation changes make for long but exhausting tour.
The lookout houses a gift shop and parking area
The view of the ocean waves gives an idea of the height above sea level
Several caves and inlets allow you to get down to the water and take it all in
While this trip was cold and windy, the vegetation and growth contrasts beautifully with the coastal views.