Toronto and The CN Tower



We finally did it. After many trips trough out the states, I’ve finally taken to the north and explored our closest neighbor.

What was supposed to be just a short flight of just 2 hours actually turned into an all night adventure that included one flight, an international crossing by car, a quick trip to Buffalo, and a midnight excursion to Niagara Falls. After all of the traveling, Saturday morning had us eating breakfast, a chance to finally slow down and take it all in. This turned into a relaxing day exploring the city downtown. 

To say Toronto was a culture shock is a bit of an over statement, but I will say that the city itself is more different than one might think. Sleek buildings and a modern infrastructure contrasts with the rather “established” city here in Philly. The tourism was alive, and people were, as you may expect from Canadians, truly hospitable. 

Most of the afternoon was spent on Toronto island, which offers plenty of public space and a nice park. Afternoon had us wondering around in a few areas on the other side of town, and the night was made complete with Nando’s for dinner (my first time). 

No trip to Toronto is complete without a visit to the CN Tower, and our accent was what felt like a spectacular visit to the edge of the atmosphere. With a small airport located just below, seeing planes take off from above is fascinating. The city lights and fast moving traffic also give scale to how far things expand in all directions, and only then did I truly realize the truth in Toronto being larger than Chicago.