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A Sustainable Future In Film Photography Relies On Reliable, Accessible, And Easy To Use Scanning Options.

Co-founded by myself and and AJ Holmes, Negative Supply is a company that works to respond to the needs of film photographers around the world, while actively evolving to a rapidly changing industry. While our primary focus is currently on product engineering and design, our vision doesn’t stop there. We aim to become a resource for film photographers of all skill levels and career points to come and learn, share, and support the industry together.

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The Future of Camera Scanning


Camera scanning is the future, but strip holders take forever. Speed up scanning time by capturing entire rolls and advance between frames with a high quality stainless steel drive mechanism. Each Frame can be precisely centered while capturing each frame quickly and efficiently.

Our precision design utilizes smooth running bearings to provide smooth and even pressure, while silicone tensioners hold the guide wheels securely in place without damaging delicate film stocks.

Saxon McClamma
Summer in San Fransisco

I spent my summer in Silicone Valley, which was filled with many trips to San Fransisco. Here are a few photos captured around town.

The Process

These images were taken with a Nikon FM2 and the 50mm f/1.8. I exposed Portra 400 at 200, and Portra 160 at 100.

North AmericaSaxon McClamma